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The massive size and range of sales and marketing data that companies need to clean, integrate and query can easily overwhelm the capacities of modern-day computers. Management Science Associates is expert at integrating and hosting exceptionally large volumes of disparate data - including, but certainly not limited to, distributor, point-of-sale, sales territory, inventory and manufacturer-shipment information.

Some of our data warehouses maintain multiple terabytes of data. A single client's data warehouse can contain transactions from distribution points across the United States for two or more years: billions of records.

MSA clients benefit from our refined understanding of how they need to view and leverage their intelligence, as well as our strong technical expertise, and 40 years in data management. MSA's data@factory ensures that warehouses are populated with clean data, and in-house architects design each warehouse for the client's specific requirements within a particular industry.

Committed to "open systems" and high-performance technologies, we house client data in Oracle relational and OLAP databases. For data access, we employ leading OLAP packages and we have developed a custom tool to serve the specific requirements of Consumer Packaged Goods professionals.

Solution: Low Risk Outsourcing

MSA offers a comprehensive mix of pertinent expertise, experience, tools, processes and capabilities that you can rely on. Our data warehousing solutions give you:
  • Enhanced ability to focus on your core business
  • Reduced costs:
    • Eliminate the expense of recruiting, training and maintaining a specifically skilled staff
    • Eliminate the inefficiencies and costs of downtime and scheduling conflicts
    • Reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs
  • Better asset utilization
  • Access to dedicated resources - a team of focused experts
  • Reduced complexity of in-house systems
  • Ability to scale and add new capabilities without major overhaul of environment
  • Convenience of working with a proven service-oriented provider
  • Confidence that your data is secure in our cutting-edge environment
  • A virtual extension of your business

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