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Sales and marketing analysts, planners and decision makers require "single truth" intelligence at their fingertips. Despite years of enterprise Business Intelligence promises, marketers still find themselves with patched-together data engines to drive critical business insights, including

  • Total Market Measurement
  • Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)
  • Coverage and Inventory Conditions
  • Channel Shifting
  • Marketing Mix and Promotion Efficiency
  • Ship-Share Modeling and Forecasting
It's time to give quality data management and integration its due. Accurate business insights -- across brands and channels -- are non-starters without carefully and effectively reconciling and integrating your company's available information assets.

Management Science Associates has not only worked with every type of source data -- we were at the forefront of processing many of them and are continuously adding new streams. We have synchronized as many as 26 data sources in one system, translating the varied elements to common, client-centric terms and descriptions. The result? A high-efficiency data engine, holistic and drill-down views of your business -- and intelligence that you will have the time and confidence to act upon.

Among the data sets we regularly integrate are:
  • Distributor warehouse-withdrawal
  • Retailer point-of-sale
  • Syndicated
  • Causal, inventory and panel
  • Client shipment and reference files
        Trade Dimensions: A Powerful MSA Partnership

Management Science Associates is well acquainted with Trade Dimensions and its TDLinx product line. We have agreements that assure confidentiality between the two companies, and allow for joint marketing and third-party processing.

TDLinx is often described as the "UPC of Retail." Codes are assigned to each store location and at every other level of the retail hierarchy. These codes allow any two parties to communicate about retail locations, internally within departments and across systems, and externally with trading partners and service providers.

The primary MSA use for TDLinx codes is within the Reseller Information System (RIS). We integrate the TDLinx codes with the distributor shipment data we collect for our clients. They are typically using TDLinx information to improve, or serve as, their call files, and to gain intelligence about targeted stores.

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