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A Trade Fund Program

Trade fund programs support a "push" marketing strategy by paying distributors on a volume-purchase basis. To provide these payments, these programs have many moving parts:
  • Define eligibility
    • Type of customer (channel-specific)
    • Signed agreement
    • Specific criteria (volumetric, size of customer, etc.)
  • Determine incentive base
    • Identify which items to incent upon
    • Rules for receiving incentive (product mix, specific distribution, rebate tiers, etc.)
  • Determine rebate type and amount
    • Off-Invoice / Rebate / In-kind contribution
Challenges of Managing Trade Funds
  • Flexibility and agility are key
  • Eligibility and rebate rules are ever-changing
  • Programs must be able to quickly respond to changing market conditions
  • Speed is essential
  • Thousands of customers submit data regularly
  • Quick turn-around is required for payment
  • Accuracy is required
  • Credibility must be trusted because of CRM issues and payments to customers
  • Many disputes occur over eligibility of customers for various rebate programs
Overview of eCentive
  • Currently implemented by best-in-class companies
  • Currently manages over $30 million in trade funds annually
  • Second implementation underway with a year-end "go live" date
  • Flexible design can be readily adapted to solve a broad range of client needs related to trade funds management
  • User-friendly access to resolve customer issues quickly
  • Provides both program-level information, as well as the opportunity to manage customer relationships at the most granular level
  • Accepts feeds from both clients and distributors, as well as ERP order systems to calculate customer incentive payments
  • Sends payment feeds directly to bank and also back to ERP or CRM systems
Segments of eCentive

The eCentive application is organized as a series of screens that can be easily navigated to perform various functions. These screens include:
  • My Activity
  • Program Maintenance
  • Program Operations
  • Funds
  • Eligibility
  • Payment
  • Edits
  • Adjustments
  • Waivers
eCentive provides users with a comprehensive overview of their program, and also provides the opportunity to manage their customer relationships at the most granular level. Some examples of this functionality include:
  • Changing the rules associated with a rebate program
  • Assigning an exemption to a customer for a specific fund and time period
  • Discovering why a customer wasn't eligible for payment from a specific rebate
  • Adding a rebate program or adding additional funds to existing programs

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