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MSA - Gateway 360

MSA Business Intelligence Solution - 80% of the data needed for most people to perform their jobs can be broadcast in a pre-determined structure. The remaining 20% of access can be provided through ad-hoc reporting.

Gateway 360™ is MSA’s proprietary business intelligence tool. It enables detailed analysis of sales and marketing data, integrates and presents large volumes of data from disparate data sources, supports sophisticated presentation of data and is a single point of entry to multiple marketing/enterprise data sources.

Reporting is key in Gateway 360™. It includes managed reports such as Information Broadcasting, core reports with out-of-the-box pricing and enhanced reports. Ad hoc reporting is equally easy in this application with filtering, querying and manipulations of the data. It includes deep analytic features tailored for product marketing and sales applications. Advanced reporting with drill down capabilities are all part of the package.

Additional features include a portal which is a single interface entry point to all affiliated applications; a Dashboard with saved reports, web content, documents and key performance indicators (KPIs); and wizards to assist with end customer analysis and new product introduction.

Business Intelligence

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