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Management Science Associates has a longstanding presence in the soft drinks and juice categories, tracking, analyzing and projecting product and trading--partner performance throughout the demand chain -- from distributors to retailers to bottlers and vend operators.

We also are rapidly expanding in the highly regulated and complex alcoholic-beverages vertical, where we now manage relationships with 700 distributors, submitting data for some 500,000 retail sites. Our domain expertise is helping manufacturers navigate the challenges of exclusive distributor relationships, increasing competition, licensing and taxation, to achieve increased share and profitability.

MSA's flagship, Reseller Information Systems (RIS), lets clients track how well their demand-chain partners are complying with and responding to trade programs and product promotions - and then helps them leverage that data for competitive advantage. RIS transforms distributor shipments into census-level store data by category and item, effectively solving the coverage and tactical limitations of other data types. More than 18 market-leading consumer packaged goods manufacturers across industries depend on us to help:
  • manage trade contracts with our hands-on Support Center
  • synchronize distributor data at the store and item level
  • integrate multiple data sources (including client-reference, contract, chain-hierarchy and syndicated data)
  • calculate complex trade payments - based on performance, not just activity
  • provide web-based and query reporting tools for business intelligence
Dominant in their categories, our clients clearly value and benefit from the sophisticated, tactical solutions that can be mined from sound, integrated data. How could you gain advantage?
  • Better customer management/compensation intelligence
  • Stronger business relationships and consistent sales growth
  • Sales history data, patterns, trends, brand item performance
  • Trade programs that pay for performance - not just activity
  • Detailed, store-level competitive information for targeted revenue opportunities
Alcoholic Beverages

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