Success Story

The Challenge:

How does a casino owner, operator, or investor maximize the player experience and still optimize win? They know the gaming industry is becoming more competitive. And leveraging analytics and information technology to survive is a must. They need to optimize the casino floor.

But how? What works best? Which machines should be swapped? Will they maintain profits?
A casino operator was recently challenged with the question: how can their regional casino improve its machine swaps?

The Solution:

The operator used our UFO Lite solution. The software solution improved their slot machine title changes and machine swaps. No gambling was involved. Only a solid solution to the challenge.

UFO is designed to help casinos maximize win and improve the player experience by leveraging our “market basket analysis”. Historic player behavior of existing titles on the floor is analyzed to create proactive title placement recommendations, introduce new titles/conversions, and suggest individual game and bank swaps.

The Results:

An eight week study was conducted analyzing over 2,000 slot machines. The casino then chose 10 of those machines to focus the study on using the UFO Lite solution.  The casino’s Average Daily Theoretical Win (ADT) increased by an average of $20.88 per machine, and the Average Daily win increased by $41.50 per machine from titles impacted by swaps. Patrons who played the swapped titles increased their wallet by five percent, maximizing the owner’s win and improving the patron’s experience.  

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