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This industry-first software solution is helping casinos maximize win and improve player experience. UFO sends recommendations to casinos using some of our proprietary analytic models.

UFO can:
•    Evaluate the effect of casino-invited events 
•    Drive players into slow areas of the floor
•    Determine the impact on players from moving or removing a machine
•    Identify new games to move into specialized areas
•    Create zones on the floor customized to specific player demographics
•    Available hosted or on premises

With this software, we look at historic players’ behavior of the existing games on the floor. Then, we can create proactive title-replacement recommendations, introduce new titles/conversions, and suggest individual game and bank swaps. UFO leverages our “market basket analysis.”

UFO recommendations are available via two different options:

  1. 1.   UFO Lite (as a service) is hosted by MSA. The casino receives actionable reports delivered weekly. You can choose between varieties of reports including recommendations that increase win on the casino floor.
  2. 2.   UFO (full version) is installed at the casino. The full version includes all the reports that come with UFO Lite. You also get a time-elapsed heat map offering a real-time view of how slot machines and gaming tables are performing. Users may drill down to game performance, analyzing the relationships between games, and recommending changes in the location of the games. When it comes to profitability, very little is left to chance.
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