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SPINsights Benefits for Game Manufacturers

SPINsights can compare your most popular games against those of competitors’. Knowing which themes and game rules attract the most play and coin in is crucial in the gaming world. 
SPINsights will tell manufacturers which demographic groups prefer to play each title. That information can then be used to create games for underserved groups of players, or brand a company as the best at producing games for a certain type of player.
Understand the behavior of players on games. Do they make minimum bets? Do they play more games compared to other titles? Do they spend more time in between spins compared to other titles?
Use trial and repeat data to identify the differences between a game that makes a good first impression, and one that is a long-term winner for your company.

The following two Trial vs. Repeat graphs show the difference between a game that performed poorly and was pulled off the floor after only nine months, and a game that attained a sustainable level of repeat play.



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