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SPINsights Benefits for Casino Operators

  • Identify popular games. Knowing which machines are most popular is an important aspect of a casino operator’s business. Should they purchase more of the most popular games; move the existing ones to optimal spots on the floor, or both? SPINsights can help them determine their next move.

    Use trial and repeat data to predict a game’s future success. If a game isn’t being played enough, the operator’s next best bet is to remove it from the floor and replace it with a more popular game. It can’t predict the lottery, but it can predict a game’s success!

    Recognize games that are popular with a particular audience. Statistics prove that certain age and gender groups like certain games. The operator can use this information to their advantage and ensure that their game floor has games that appeal to all players.

    Receive compensation from game manufacturers in the form of free game conversion kits.

    Provide valuable information that will influence the design of new games, which will be more successful and more popular with players.


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