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Atlantic City Casino & Internet Gaming - A Meaningful US Gaming Test Market - Part I

Spectrum Gaming’s June 2017 white paper celebrated the 15th anniversary of its SIGHT prediction that internet gaming would not cannibalize casino land site gaming. The white paper reported confirmation of that prediction by Atlantic City (AC) casino operators, and research observations reviewing their AC game revenues through April 2017. That white paper inspired MSA to develop this detailed analysis of Spectrumetrix™ internet and slot/table revenue for all AC casinos between the introduction of AC internet gaming in November 2013 and August 2017, along with data from other markets. Evidence of shifts in AC patron gaming behavior and potential cannibalization at some casinos can be seen in this analysis throughout the introduction and growth of AC internet gaming. Those changes disrupted what had been a declining market with relatively stable casino market shares, apart from several casino closures. Insights about these market shifts may be relevant for States considering expansion into online gaming to increase tax revenue from gaming and related innovations. This analysis may also help casino operators/analysts to see how introduction of online gaming may lead to disruptive effects in other gaming markets.

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