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Industry Challenge

As casino operators continue to expand and look for ways to fill growing capacity, there is need to find and identify new games that will attract players to increase player loyalty and revenues. New analytics are needed to evaluate the impact of games upon behavior more quickly and in greater detail so better decisions can be made for deploying new different games. The old one-size-fits-all offers to all players is no longer sufficient to build and retain a strong player base. Game manufacturers that become knowledgeable as to how features of games influence their acceptance and play, will be able to create and quickly test new game designs and their appeal to different types of players. Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA) has capabilities to help manufacturers and operators of casino games become stronger competitors, much as we have helped leading firms in other industries for over 50 years.

Data Cleaning, Matching, and Storage

MSA is a complete provider of data cleaning, matching and analysis services. It has unique capabilities to analyze detailed performance for individual slot and table games. Extensive experience with many types of data has given MSA expertise to clean play, promotion, slot, hotel, retail, food, beverage, traffic and other types of data as input for decision-making.

MSA has a proprietary matching algorithm that creates a normalized unique identifier to improve data quality and its usefulness. MSA may cross-reference client data with other public databases, such as the FCC “Do Not Call Registry” to assure having demographic, behavioral and useful contact information that is accurate. MSA can also securely store game related data with proper government mandated privacy standards at MSA’s secure data centers that interface with each other for added reliability. Each client using any common databases can also append their own proprietary and confidential data, and be assured that it can be easily accessed over the Internet.

Data Mining and Analysis

MSA has a wide-range of experience with data mining and analyses, having helped manage over 100 new brand introductions for consumer products. That experience can help game manufacturers and casinos better evaluate new games and adapt their use to optimize casino performance. Experience in analyzing slot, promotion and loyalty card data, and transaction data for leading credit card firms, support the following analytics:
  • Loyalty – Identify loyal customers based on brand share of play

  • Response – Scoring and ranking players to allow casinos to effectively target the prospects that are most likely to respond

  • Switching Models – Identify the players that are vulnerable to competitive flow

  • Marketing Mix Analysis – Quantifies the impact on gaming revenue of various sales and marketing factors

  • Game Mix Optimization – Determine the type and quantities of games to have on the casino floor to optimize gaming revenue

  • Offer Optimization – Maximize player loyalty and response while minimizing offers and incentive cost

  • Analysis of Customers Lifetime Value – Determine optimal targeted marketing expenditures given the buying behavior of individual players
Management Science Associates, Inc. - Gaming

Other Related Services

Management Science Associates, Inc. - Gaming Shared Industry Data: Sharing of industry data from casino loyalty cards can create aggregated industry loyalty information databases for ‘shared data’ type analyses. Such research can yield unique insights to better understand loyalty card members and their interaction with different games. MSA has provided shared services to the CPG industry for 30 years, and also to the media, steel, and healthcare industries that can result in greater cost effectiveness for product development.

Mobile Phone Marketing: Players opt-in to receive direct marketing via text messages in return for a specific incentive. MSA then matches a player’s mobile phone number to an operator’s loyalty database to make specific offers to players based on historic play data. Perhaps game manufacturers can participate in such research. Players receive text messages and visit operators to redeem offers. The operator may then send direct marketing messages to the players via text messaging.

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