Big Data - Player Segmentation

Big Data - Player Segmentation

Casino operators realize the importance of optimizing player value. Developing player segmentation is an excellent way to identify and begin to understand the differences between your players.

Management Science Associates has extensive consumer segmentation experience which we are applying to segment players by the types of games they like and their behavior at the casino. This is different from the traditional marketing driven player segmentation into tiers for marketing purposes. This segmentation allows casino properties to identify under-served segments of players with the current product offered on the floor and can potentially feed future player promotions tied to floor changes and new game introductions.  This provides casino properties with the competitive advantage over traditional player segmentation.

Developing player segmentation identifies who your players are and their behavior differences. This can lead to more effective marketing and game introductions. If done correctly, you can increase relevancy, which leads to higher response rates and more revenue. 

Scott Cox, MSA’s Director of Business Development in its Gaming Division, recently conducted a survey with leaders in the gaming industry on the topic of Big Data. The survey was conducted with General Managers, Vice President/Directors of Marketing and Vice President/Directors of Slot Operations.

How important is player segmentation analysis?

The results of the survey question regarding player segmentation analysis shows that it is an important topic for casino industry executives. The larger question to ask, is the casino property segmenting players effectively?

Segmentation begins with understanding and utilizing your player database. For some properties, it may be a challenge to divide your player database into small groups of players with similar characteristics. The data needs to be well organized and accessible to your marketing team.

MSA draws on its core competencies of analytics, data management and IT to craft solutions for our clients. MSA has worked extensively with data from multiple casinos utilizing different CMS systems including but not limited to IGT, Bally and Aristocrat systems. We have integrated such data and have extensive experience coding and matching machine data from multiple sources, enabling analysis that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

MSA has leveraged the technology from our Data Factory, running for more than 40 years for major Fortune 500 companies.

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MSA, in business for more than 50 years, has extensive analytics, reporting and BI experience in CPG, media, health care and gaming industries, just to name a few.