MSA has been analyzing data for over 50 years. Our Gaming Group can create value by driving growth and/or efficiency for both Casinos and Gaming Manufacturers. We can provide you with actionable insights, player demographics, and competitive analysis.

From casino operations to marketing, casinos can depend on the expertise of MSA. Our value-added solutions help casino operators improve the patron experience and maximize win.

Our value-added solutions can help you:

  • •    Enhance the value of casino games, products, and systems
    •    Increase productivity and profitability
    •    Optimize the use of current capital investments
    •    Identify revenue and cost-saving opportunities through expert analysis
    •    Differentiate your casino property from its competitors

Casino Gaming App

Enables patrons to view relevant game statistics in real-time and play kiosk games from their mobile phones. It also helps patrons keep up to date on their account information, including the rewards they have earned or are close to having earned.

Custom Gaming Analytics

MSA has been helping firms in multiple industries to improve sales results for over 50 years. MSA Gaming Group provides casinos and slot manufacturers with Player, Marketing, Game, and Casino Analytics.


Take industry data to the next level of gaming with Spectrumetrix analyses. The data, loaded on a web-based system, can create number crunchers’ delight due to the ease with which it can be sliced, diced, and customized.


SPINsights™ provides game manufacturers and casino operators with insights on slot machine performance, including how performance varies over time and across different demographic groups.

Sports Book Exchange

Sports Book ExchangeTM streamlines and eliminates cumbersome manual steps to facilitate handling the larger number of possible lay-off partners created by expanded legalization. It also provides authenticated transaction confirmations for all parties.

Universal Floor Optimizer

Universal Floor OptimizerTM (UFO) is an industry-first software solution that helps casinos maximize win and improve player experience by outlining alternative floor options for slot floor managers created by using MSA proprietary analytic models.


  • Atlantic City Casino & Internet Gaming - AC Market Turnaround Confirmed - Part II

    Posted February 13, 2018 at 12:53 PM - Gaming

    MSA’s Sept 2017 white paper analysed Spectrumetrix™ Atlantic City (AC) gaming revenues from its introduction of Internet Gaming, which grew to end the 10 year AC gaming revenue decline in Fall 2016, as Internet Gaming’s growth was also synergistic with casino slots gaming.

    This 3 month analytic extension confirms MSA’s previous insights, and examines how casinos’ innovative Internet Games gained market share while also supporting retention of slots. The stage is now set for its continuing growth and for studies of opportunities available to AC’s five casino management teams to prepare for the Hard Rock Casino’s Memorial Day launch.

  • Atlantic City Casino & Internet Gaming - A Meaningful US Gaming Test Market - Part I

    Posted January 4, 2018 at 1:42 PM - Gaming

    In June 2017 Spectrum Gaming Group reviewed its SIGHT theory, created in 2002, as to how land-based and online gaming would converge, increasing both online and land-based revenue. It sought to create policies for implementing US online gaming without losing benefits of effective responsible-gaming procedures implemented with land-based operators: a pathway to ensure optimal policy impacts. This analysis extends that effort.

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