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The Utilities and Energy markets are critical to national security and the global economy. Energy firms must relentlessly innovate and achieve new efficiencies to compete in an ever-changing regulatory and political environment. And, in an industry with responsibilities to the public infrastructure, they are also required to stay ahead of extraordinary fiscal and procedural scrutiny by modernizing systems and minimizing risk.

Management Science Associates is a leader in process control and automation, performance and risk management, business continuity and enterprise resource planning - independently and also where these disciplines intersect. Our fundamental strengths in data management, analytics and technology position us well to design and deploy solutions that break through Utilities and Energy companies' complex challenges.

In addition to these enterprise solutions, MSA delivers innovation in the following areas:
  • Energy Planning & Analysis
  • Energy Costs & Pricing
  • New Plant Siting
  • LNG Import Opportunities
  • LNG Terminal Siting
  • Marketing LNG
  • Satellite LNG Peak Shaving .Plant Siting
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
  • Economic Development
  • Alternative Fuels for Vehicle Fuel
Utilities/Energy - MSA.com

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