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At its heart, education is about motivating students, parents and educators to do their best, measure results, search for improvements, test the promising alternatives, and optimize the process over time. This should be comprehensive to get all stakeholders to work effectively, individually and collectively, to optimize the overall process.

MSA provides the tools and analyses that teachers and administrators need to improve school and student performance, leveraging their world-renowned expertise and core competencies to enhance student achievement through such high visibility initiatives as:
  • Data analysis to determine the key factors and trends that affect and improve student achievement
  • Systems that support the development and implementation of objectives-based strategic plans, and monitor student and district performance against objectives
  • Balanced scorecards and associated support systems to monitor and report district progress toward strategic plan objectives
  • Reporting and alerting systems to track and highlight leading and lagging indicators that reflect student achievement in a timely basis
  • Dashboard systems that bring individual and aggregate student test and quiz results, achievement scores, and other performance data to the people who need to see it - keeping teachers, parents and administrators informed
Decision Support: Innovative Analysis to Improve Education

MSA solutions empower schools to focus on the drivers of the educational success of students. Using statistical modeling techniques, MSA can help to determine the causal factors that drive student performance, focusing on factors that schools can influence: Can certain teaching methods result in better student performance? Do certain curricula result in higher achievement? Do students who have long bus rides score lower on high stakes tests than do students with shorter bus rides? In the past, “data analysis” solutions for K-12 educators too often focused simply on snapshots of data that summarized the state of achievement of certain groups of students at a single point in time. These tools may have provided comparisons among pre-determined groups of students, and sometime simple statistics (standard deviations, means) were available as are query functions for subsets of student groups.

However, using MSA’s advanced technology, much more information is now available to provide valuable, actionable insights that explain why students achieve or do not achieve.

Using MSA’s systems, educators can now predict student performance based on student characteristics or other causal factors and can take actions, in advance, based on facts and data instead of opinions, assumptions and stereotypes.

Privacy, Security & Education Continuity

Privacy, security, and continuity are requirements for the integration and analysis of data across all entities in all industries.

MSA has been at the forefront in providing data security and confidentiality for over 40 years. Using our competitive data within industries requires us to define and implement procedures that satisfy U.S. Anti-Trust Laws. MSA manages all sales data by individual retail outlets for several industries, holding secure all competitive information. We also satisfy HIPPA requirements for medical and healthcare research. MSA works with school districts, State & Federal Departments of Education and parents to develop privacy and security procedures to enable them to maximize the value of analyses.

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