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Competitive Bidding on the Web

Whether your company has an experienced team of purchasing professionals and wants to use technology to extend their reach, or you simply want to make the purchasing process less hectic, MSA eSource is the self service solution that shortens cycle times, and improves price savings. Nobody understands the purchase requirements more completely than the people who are using them in their daily lives to build products or provide services. That is why MSA feels self-service is important.

It is MSA's aim to provide a simple tool encouraging legitimate competition with known suppliers enhancing the ability of the buyer and the vendor to carry out the sourcing process efficiently. It is a win for the buyer and the supplier.

Available to customers in one of three ways
  • For companies that want complete control over the process, the information, and the technology, MSA provides traditionally licensed software with support.
  • For companies that seek competitive bids daily as an integral part of purchasing strategy but don't want to burden of additional IT, MSA provides a privately branded On-demand application service. The tool is focused on the process of sourcing through competitive bids.
  • For companies that seek competitive bids and want low cost, MSA provides a community supported On-Demand application service called The Small Business Sourcing Hub.
For potential customers this means:
  • Costs are proportional to use
  • The buyer has the flexibility go it alone or use third party to help
  • The focus is on the process of sourcing through competitive bids
For more information or to schedule a product demonstration, e-mail info@msa.com.

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