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eBusiness means leveraging web technology to bring new efficiencies and value into business applications. MSA's Redline Commerce™ is our eBusiness software platform that enables us to quickly develop and evolve highly flexible and reliable eBusiness software products. First developed in 1999, Redline Commerce is proven and continuously enhanced technology - built using fully open software standards like Java, XML, and web services.

MSA's suite of eBusiness products built using Redline Commerce are designed to bring state-of-the-art technology into key business areas to enable communication, collaboration, and coordination between your employees, customers, and suppliers. Our products are designed for easy integration with your ERP and other existing applications - enhancing the value of your current software investments.

We offer our eBusiness products as licensed software for sale, as well as hosted from our world-class data center for a leasing fee (On Demand). We can also leverage our Redline Commerce platform to rapidly deliver entirely new or customized applications for your business. MSA seeks to become your long-term, trusted technology partner for eBusiness - understanding your business and rapidly providing solutions to make it more successful.

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