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  MSA - Data Management

In a world where data and information systems abound, the ability to streamline, synchronize and systematically leverage your intelligence -- within a process, between partners or across an enterprise -- is the key to knowledge and performance breakthroughs.

Knowledge workers with fast, straightforward access to effectively integrated intelligence are the leaders who achieve uncommon insight and advantage. They stay ahead of the curve because they can track key performance indicators, quickly drill into the "why," and calibrate their course with confidence.

Management Science Associates is the world's largest processor of diverse data sources, with expertise in discrete and dynamic processes, data extraction and transformation, data cleansing and integration, and analytical modeling. Since 1963, MSA has worked with and integrated a vast array of data sources and has been consistently at the forefront of processing many of them, including:

  • AC Nielsen / IRI / Syndicated
  • Audit / Broker
  • Broadcast media
  • Cable TV subscriber
  • Cellular web survey
  • Clickstream data
  • Consumer panels
  • Database marketing
  • DBS and MOS Interconnect
  • Demographics
  • Distributor
  • Factory shipments
  • Forecasts
  • Marketing mix
  • Metals manufacturing
  • Patient & Health insurance
  • Pricing surveys
  • Retail store scanner
  • SAP / ERP
  • Supply chain
  • Syndicated print media
  • TV Ratings

  • MSA's Data@Factory™ ensures that warehouses are populated with clean data, and in-house architects design each warehouse for the client's specific and industry requirements. For data access, we employ leading OLAP packages and have developed custom tools to serve particular industries. Our distinguished designs focus on flexibility, scalability and exceptional performance, delivering
    • Integrated data sets
    • Web access
    • Open systems technologies
    • Scalability for very large data volumes
    • Deep analytic features
    • Intuitive analytics interface
    • Advanced reporting and graphics

    Let us know your needs when it comes to data management and the powerful intelligence that you know, with the right expertise, can be unleashed in your organization.

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