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  MSA - Process Control, Automation and Optimization

From its founding focus at Carnegie Mellon University in the 1960's on analyzing dynamic manufacturing processes and applying that knowledge to marketing outcomes, Management Science Associates has been firmly rooted in using measurement methodology for process improvement.

Our data-driven approach to achieving efficiencies and increasing effectiveness has since been applied to many processes - from manufacturing to transactional and from product to service.

In the broadcast media industry, our expertise has revolutionized the sales, traffic and billing systems that can make or break customer satisfaction and provider profitability. MSA's enterprise system, Gabriel, integrates the major functional areas within a cable network, enabling it to sell and manage its inventory more effectively.

In the metals market, MSA's state-of-the-art modeling capabilities encompass real-time manufacturing processes through supply-chain planning, including
  • Optimized scheduling, blending and product sizing
  • Chemical and mass-balance models
  • Heat and fluid flow
And MSA helps its consumer-packaged-goods clients understand the dynamics that affect the demand for their products. Through a combination of expert data integration and warehousing capabilities, advanced statistical techniques and optimized data-access tools, MSA provides innovative and accurate business intelligence and demand forecasts for the short- and long-term.

From these kinds of industry solutions, to serving as an outsource for performance-management business processes, and assisting with enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations, MSA has 40 years experience in process-optimization expertise to help uncover the hidden-profit opportunities that exist in your organization's operations.

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