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Performance Management in industrial and institutional settings can best be defined as a coherent framework to steward strategy, implement plans, monitor compliance and ensure organizational agility. Data Management and the use of Key Performance Indicators are critical to successful Performance Management - whether used in conjunction with planning, process, forecasting, operations, sales-force automation or "score-card" applications.

As is the case with most MSA solutions, Performance Management requires the integration of multiple data sources, enterprise processes and technological platforms. Our 40+ years experience in these functional areas means we are a low-risk choice for your initiative -- and versatile enough to deliver results in a range of markets.
  • Our value-chain solutions in the consumer packaged-goods industry integrate virtually any type of market measure for easy-access intelligence on how business partners and trade programs are performing.

  • As an ERP user and consultant, our domain expertise in process automation, data analytics and business continuity ensure smoother-running performance tracking - while you focus on your core business.

  • The Oracle-driven psAdvance tool supports the rapidly growing interest in assuring employee performance accountability for law enforcement agencies by synchronizing many different types of incidence information on officers.

  • Web-based software solutions that provides real-time data about students' grades, attendance and homework, so that progress can be optimized in the intensely regulated education community.

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