The basics.

If you’re thinking about a career at MSA, your first question is probably this: What exactly does MSA do? At the most basic level, we manage huge volumes of data. Mine that data into useful information. And create the systems that support those functions.
But at the heart of what we do at MSA is innovative problem-solving. We’re driven to come up with new ways to help businesses succeed and improve. We strive to deliver data in a way that provides new knowledge. Increases quality. Streamlines systems. Offers competitive insight. And positions our clients for greater success.

Great people. Great opportunities.

You can do amazing things at MSA – especially if you’re someone who likes to dive into a project. Here we encourage entrepreneurial thinking and doing, so go ahead and show us how you shine. You may find opportunities to work with other teams in other divisions. Expand your horizons. Learn something new. Explore different territory.
Everyone here works hard to push the limits of technology –and their abilities. Working in teams with other talented people, you may come up with solutions that change the way a business works, and wind up changing an entire industry. It’s been known to happen at MSA.
Imagine re-thinking how a major consumer packaged goods company delivers new products. Or helping cable TV networks figure out the optimal time slots for popular shows. Or giving transplant centers the critical information they need to save lives.

Great breakthroughs happen all the time at MSA. And you can be a part of it. It’s exciting. It’s rewarding. And it also happens to be fun.


A nice place to work.

We think you’ll like it here. It’s productive, stimulating, creative, and friendly. In our recent employee survey, flexibility to balance work and home life got the highest marks of all workplace factors. And that was followed by high marks for MSA managers who support ideas, encourage growth and learning, make it easier to do the job, and care about their employees’ concerns.
If you enjoy challenging projects, a collaborative approach and access to the latest and greatest technologies, we bet you’ll fit right in.
Along with profit sharing, 401K, and health, dental and vision plans, MSA also offers other benefits like casual dress, flexible working hours, on-site massage, and employee events.


A nice place to live.

If you don’t already live here, Pittsburgh may surprise you. It’s a gem of a city, full of friendly people, cool neighborhoods, beautiful parks, bike trails, and some of the winning-est sports teams ever. Besides getting a reputation as one of the most livable cities in the U.S.; Pittsburgh was rated number one in the top ten metro areas for recent young graduates according to this report from Bloomberg.
Today, Pittsburgh is known for its brainpower and innovation – including top universities, research centers, healthcare giants and high-tech companies. Here you’ll find everything from start-ups to Fortune 500s.
You’ll also find a lot of green – from trees and trails to buildings. In fact, Pittsburgh boasts four, huge, historic city parks. Forward-thinking and environmentally-focused, it also has the most certified green buildings in the U.S.
Whether you’re an art lover, shopper, foodie, movie fan, athlete, or music maniac, Pittsburgh offers a range of opportunities to explore, indulge, and enjoy.
Find out everything you’d ever want to know at http://visitpittsburgh.com.