Success Stories

Market Architecture

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “what not to wear”, but what about clothing that consumers do want to wear?  

If you’re a multi-million dollar apparel company, you need to know the answer to that question.  

What is the answer?  New ventures?  New product lines?  

First things first. They contact the Business Analysis team at MSA.  Utilizing the Market Architecture™ solution that MSA offers, those questions were answered.  

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Direct Marketing Program Management

An American CPG company’s Direct Marketing (DM) program was having trouble staying afloat.

That’s where MSA stepped in to NaviGATE™ their large database and manage their DM program.


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Advertising Integration Analysis (AIA)

 An American beer company was in a quandary.

They needed to better understand how advertising leads to increased brand loyalty and sales for their flagship light beer.

In order to do that, they took the right first step; reaching out to MSA’s BA division to find the answers.


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Baseline Sales Analysis

When the foundation of your company is built on sales, the makeup of that foundation is critical.

Providing a consistent, accurate approach for measuring baseline sales volume is a key component to a formula for constant success. MSA’s Business Analysis team made that happen for this large cosmetics company.


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Ticket Sales Forecasting

A symphony with a 100+ year history can eventually hit some sour notes.

Finding a way to carry them into the next 100 years was a matter they needed to solve. They had historical data, but not the tools they needed to get the results they wanted.

They needed to ensure the sweet sound of their symphony continues into the future. Enter MSA’s Business Analysis division.


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Media Viewers Segmentation

What can television-viewing behaviors tell us about the audience?

An American global mass media and entertainment company pondered that exact question.  They wanted unique and specific descriptors of key segments, as well as robust insights on those segments, to support their advertising sales initiatives.

What better way to do that than to turn to a company that’s been tuned into both television and consumer product goods for over 50 years?


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Twitter Segmentation

If you’re a direct-selling cosmetics company, you understand, at first blush, the importance of social networking. It’s a top priority to use social media for engaging both your customers and your sales reps. 

This particular beauty company wanted to understand how their reps and customers use social media. They wanted to communicate more effectively with them, and Twitter is the best site for analyzing this. 

Twitter is one of the largest and most popular social media sites in the world, and the beauty company had already built a strong following. They engaged over 50,000 followers with contests, special offers, and beauty tips. 

But they wanted to do more. They felt they could enhance the effectiveness of their Twitter feeds through a better understanding of their followers. They wanted to know more about their lifestyles. Their interests.  Who else they were following. 

They came to MSA for answers.

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