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What we do

For over 10 years, Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA) has been providing performing arts companies in the U.S. and overseas with ticket sales forecasts for their upcoming seasons. MSA’s forecasts have proven to be highly accurate, leading to more effective budgeting and program analysis for these companies.


How we do it

While the initial data setup for each performing arts company is unique, key input variables for an upcoming season would include every planned performance date and time and their respective creative, as well as details on their subscription packages.

For a symphonic orchestra as an example, important creative details would include the names of conductors and the featured soloists, the soloists’ instruments, and the composers of the performed works.  Familiarity rankings for conductors soloists, composers and performed works are also included to differentiate their respective impacts.

MSA uses a proprietary simulation tool to determine total ticket sales forecasts for each performance, forecasting both subscriber and single ticket sales.  The aggregate of all of the individual performance forecasts is the total upcoming season forecast.

What data is required?

This methodology uses historical ticket sales data and performance details from previous seasons.