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What we do

Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA) works with clients to maximize their brand sales through optimizing the distribution of the right products, to the right places, with the right amount of marketing support, for all retail environments.


How we do it

MSA implements a myriad of methodologies to achieve clients’ product distribution and sales goals:

  • Product Assortment Optimization – group retail outlets with similar performance dynamics and then identify which brands are contributing to the majority of sales within each group, while excluding those that have only marginal contributions to sales.
  • Retail Segmentation – group similar market or customer entities to facilitate efficient and effective implementation of distribution, tactical trade promotion and in-store communication initiatives.
  • Store Layout Optimization – using our proprietary Perfect Store Impact Tool, estimate impacts on brand and category sales based on changes to a multitude of business driving elements; store location, assortment quantity and quality, main location facing, category layout and product placement, and even secondary product placement.
  • New Product Introduction Analytics – for either new products or line extensions, simulate forecasts of sales volume and market share performance, including any impacts from cannibalization, as well as distribution growth and acceptance estimates, including identifying distribution gaps and opportunities.
  • Twitter Followers Segmentation – using our proprietary technique, gain a better understanding of consumers’ attitudes and usage of brands, as well as their buying habits, based on their social media comments and activities on this major platform.

What data is required?

These approaches offer the great flexibility of being able to use either Retail data; such as POS, distributor sales or shipment data, or Consumer data; such as from panels or surveys.


The MSA Business Analysis Team are experts at managing, integrating, and analyzing data from manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, brokers, retailers, and consumers.  Learn more about our business solutions for retail analytics. 
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