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Marketing Analytics Applications

What we do

Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA) knows that some clients prefer to have access to analytical tools internally, rather than having to request outside suppliers for data output and answers every time there is a need. This is why MSA has taken some of its best marketing analytical tools and developed stand-alone applications for clients to manage and use on their own, in-house.


How we do it?

The stand-alone marketing analytics applications MSA offers to clients for their own, internal use on a cost-effective licensing basis are:

  • Market Matching Analytical Tool – Offers a systematic selection of test and control pairs or groups using retail, consumer, physician, or patient data.  This multiplicative model application utilizes the historical trend, variation, and level factors to compute a market similarity index.  The application matches criteria based on a time series or a point-in-time.
  • MAID (Multivariate Automatic Interactive Detector) – Segmentation Analysis using retail or consumer data.  This modeling application provides hierarchical segmentations using multiple dependent variables.
  • SAGE (Share And Growth Evaluation) – Market Share Analytics via source of volume analysis using retail or consumer data.
  • Market Impact – Concept Testing analysis using consumer survey data for new product forecasting.
  • Perfect Store Impact Tool – Store Layout Optimization by providing estimated impacts on brand and category sales based on changes to a multitude of business driving elements; store location, assortment quantity and quality, main location facing, category layout and product placement, and even secondary product placement.

What data is required?

Many of these applications offer the great flexibility of being able to use Retail data; such as POS, distributor sales or shipment data, Consumer data; such as from panels or surveys, or Physician and Patient data.