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  MSA - Advanced Analytics - NaviGATE

MSA's NaviGATE™ application guides marketing investment decision-making
to ensure business objectives are met and a positive return is accomplished.

For more information or to schedule a product demonstration, e-mail info@msa.com
The Challenge – Intelligent Marketing

Good decision-making results in positive returns. Data proliferation, integration
difficulties, localized market conditions, and intense price-based competition impact marketing investments, thereby making business outcomes a continuing challenge.

Good decision-making across an enterprise will often be the difference between making or missing corporate objectives. Use of systems to facilitate comprehensive analysis and planning enables many timely alternatives
to be evaluated.

Deliver Real Returns Using NaviGATE

  • NaviGATE™ is a marketing planning, analysis, and decision-support tool. It enables measurement and optimization of marketing ROI based on predictive, analytic models.

  • NaviGATE, with its web-based user interface, provides an enterprise-wide repository of analytic models and
    an easy-to-use tool for the ongoing application of the explanatory and predictive power of those models.

  • Among the features of NaviGATE are:

    • Configurable due-to analyses – draw direct connections between results and the causal marketing variables that generated those results

    • What-if simulations – experiment with causal marketing variables, individually or in any combination,
      to see predicted effects for linear, multiplicative or more complex models, and the effect of each causal variable at its level in the budget

    • Optimization – identify optimal spending levels across marketing elements to achieve a particular desired result

    • Marketing Plan – Maintenance of an ongoing marketing plan, including model-generated forecasts

    • Chart and table reporting features – configurable, graphical reporting across all data covered by the models


The Benefits

  • Expert systems harness intelligence to guide marketing investments at all levels

  • Delivers real, practical returns on the significant investments made in data, analytics and warehousing

  • Makes analytics “real” for users in an intuitive, appealing application

  • Transparent model interface allows easy customization of models and inclusion of new models

  • Performs very efficiently against diverse, large data sets and all types and forms of models, including multiplicative models

  • Adds intelligence to existing processes, resulting in better decisions

  • Enables profitability-based management to be planned and quickly implemented

  • Scales comfortably to handle very large numbers and varieties of models and users within an enterprise
Key Features Drive Ease of Use and Adoption

Data Management & Integration: Capitalize on MSA’s extensive experience in data management, integration and analysis to ensure that the significant challenges of preparing disparate data for automated analysis are effectively addressed.

Easy Incorporation of Models: The NaviGATE Application is optimized for MSA-generated models. However, incorporating client-generated models or client modifications to MSA models is easily accomplished.

Seamless Implementation: The data and models underlying the application can reside at MSA or at client sites. The application is also flexible in that it serves either as stand-alone or as an upstream or downstream extension for promotion-management and supply-chain applications.

Continuous Model Updates: Model coefficients are automatically updated as new data becomes available so that promotional effects can be always based on the most recent data.

Download NaviGATE Flyer (PDF)

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