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  MSA - Advanced Analytics - Marketing ROI

MSA's approach to marketing ROI analysis for CPG and non-CPG industries is guided by a comprehensive marketplace model that incorporates both long-term brand building relationships and short-term business drivers.

MSA's marketing ROI analytics include, but are not limited, to the following methodologies:
  • Ad Integration Analysis - Using fused data sources, ad integration models provide strategic insights into how advertising leads to increased loyalty and sales by linking various measures of advertising quality and effectiveness (e.g., copy pretesting scores) to key sales indicators (e.g., post execution brand awareness).

  • Marketing Mix Analysis - Models customized for the client and the industry quantify the volumetric impact of traditional advertising (TV, radio, print) and non-traditional marketing activities (e.g., PR, billboards, events, sponsorships, on-line advertising, product placements, etc.).

  • Consumer Panel Promotion Efficiency (CPPE) - Using panel data and MSA's proprietary panel algorithm, CPPE models estimate ROI and relative efficiencies of various promotion types/vehicles by consumer segment (which may be defined by loyalty, purchase frequency, age group, geography, trade class etc.).

  • KPI Analysis - Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are identified by analyzing various advertising and marketing metrics for their breadth of influence and strength as business drivers. The KPI Business Monitoring Tool tracks KPI on a regular basis and can be used to monitor against marketing spend.

  • NaviGATE - Market intelligently using NaviGATE a web based analytical tool that harnesses sophisticated techniques to guide marketing investment decisions so as to maximize results and ROI.
MSA - Advanced Analytics - Marketing ROI

Download MSA White Paper on ROI Measurement (PDF)

        What is the impact of Sponsorship on sales?

Organizations want to allocate their marketing dollars effectively. Recent studies have indicated that Sponsorship does lead to a lift in sales but how is one to know the contribution from the mix of promotions, retail merchandising and in-market activities? Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA) has been working with Sponsors to create in-depth, comprehensive Sponsorship Return on Investment (ROI) analyses.

In order to determine the impact of Sponsorship on sales, MSA calculates an organizationís Sponsorship ROI, or MSA can supply the necessary information to an organization for its own ROI analysis. Depending on an organizationís needs, MSA can analyze Sponsorship ROI on an overall basis, for specific races and events, ROI over specific time periods and for other activities.

Recently, one such study revealed that a NASCAR Sponsorship generated additional sales volume on various brands ranging from 0.6% to nearly 2%. Another study showed a double digit percentage lift in the Sponsorís product movement as a result of NASCAR related activities. Both studies recommended continuing with NASCAR Sponsorship.

MSA is uniquely qualified to address Sponsorship ROI, as well as all other marketing questions, since its approach to analytics and strategy development is to provide a completely custom solution that addresses all of the unique issues and challenges that exist in the marketplace.

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