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Being able to accurately forecast affects all aspects of your organization. Efficient production, marketing, and even financial management depends on the ability to develop forecasting models and systems that can dependably predict consumer demand, pipeline demand, changing consumer preferences, and industry trends.

MSA has successfully forecasted volume and volume share using both shipment data and syndicated data for a broad range of products. A variety of approaches are considered, ranging from Marketing Mix models to ARIMA models to simpler Time Series methods, and based upon the client's needs and data available the most accurate and efficient method is applied.

MSA's forecasting products and services include, but is not limited to, the following:
Market Impact- MSA's proprietary software used for the forecasting of new products. Market Impact forecasts monthly sales as well as other important measures like trial and repeat.

Marketing Mix - While the main goal of Marketing Mix models is to estimate the impact of changes in price, promotion, advertising and competitive forces, MSA has successfully forecasted both brand sales and share, across a variety of industries, using Marketing Mix models.

Trial and Repeat - It is essential for our clients to accurately measure the success of new products. Through the forecasting of trial and repeat rates MSA is able to accurately forecast both share and sales expectations for new products.

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