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  MSA - Advanced Analytics
Dedicated to advancing the understanding of consumers and markets.

Long acknowledged as the premier business modeling group in the country, MSA provides innovative data analysis services in the areas of consumer segmentation and retention analysis, consumer behavioral analysis, price elasticity estimation, advertising and promotion mix modeling, category management, retail and consumer direct marketing and econometric forecasting.

The information era requires the deployment of micro strategies - getting the right message or offer to the right customer at the right time - to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage. Our mission is to combine leading-edge analytics, sound business knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to give our clients that advantage.
        Convenience Consumer Insights Panel

Convenience Consumer Insights Panel (cciPanel) takes advantage of smartphone technology and captures the insights of respondents aged 18+, screened as regular convenience-store shoppers. With cciPanel, convenience store stakeholders receive valuable insights about:
  • In-store experiences
  • Reactions to product advertising and promotions
  • Trial and repeat likelihoods
  • Price sensitivities
  • Brand switching rationale
  • Product and/or retailer satisfaction
  • Store visitation habits
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